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Be persistent
Never give up.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


SEO Tips (Part 2)

Picking up where i left the other day, today i would like to share something about the on-site optimization.

The keyword here is keyword. Pick a keyword that describe your site. If you're making a site about a dog food, use dog food as the keyword and build your content around that keyword. Write what you want but remember to put the keywords a couple of times in the content. The more the merrier. Remember that, content is king. Yep. not prince, not princess, not queen. KING. The more content you have on certain topic the higher you will rank on that keyword. In order to achieve this, your site might be big. Don't worry. Large site is good. In fact, the larger the better! That's why there are softwares out there that designed for this purpose only, to generate large website; sometimes even reaching 10 000 pages. Why? Because they know content is important.

As a recap,
1) Pick a keyword and build your content around it
2) Larger content / larger sites are better

I'll share more on on-site optimization soon. Check back later.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Addon domains and email addresses.

What is addon domains?
For those who have a webhosting + a domain name, say, and just bought a second domain name say, and didn't bought a web hosting together with it, you can just point to a folder in This is not a redirection. You can't do alot of things with redirection. Adding a addon domain will make the folder in act just like another hosting.

Cut the crap. So, how to setup addon domain?
Go to Cpanel. Add addon domain. Then go to the control panel where you bought your domain name( ). Change the Nameserver for this domain to point to the same nameserver as Once the DNS has propagated across the web (might take 24-48 hours) then you can start using your new domain!

Setting up email forwarders.
You also can have all your to point to your mailbox. When you created the addon domain for, the server will create a subdomain in using the foldername ( if your folder name is domaintwo then your subdomain will be Because of this you are able to forward any email from to your

Just go to the 'mail' option in your cPanel and add forwarders. write down the email address that you want and choose from the drop down list , and fill in the second box with . Just make sure the 'whateveremailyouwant' is a valid email address.

Good luck understanding this very confusing tutorial!

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Saturday, April 08, 2006


SEO Tips - Search engine website rank

Getting your site a good rank on search engine is harder than ever nowadays. There even these bunch of dudes who call themselves SEO expert who does nothing but sitting in front of computer all days, looking at traffic reports and testing new tricks/tweaks to get traffic to their site. Sad life eh? Yeah maybe, but the information that they extract out of those tests and experiments are priceless. In internet marketing, web traffic is everything. Simply put, traffic == money. If you're planning to get a good rank, here's a list of stuffs that you can do for a start:

1. Use Old Domains
I know you have it. It's laying there somewhere. You know, the domain names that you bought 5 years back that you think was useless, and has no values in it. Yeah, that one. Use it. Don' t waste your time by registering new domains, waiting it to get indexed, building a new PR for it. scrap that and just go the easy way.

2. Get Linked
I'm not sure how you're suppose to do this but yeah, that is how Google algorithm works. Your popularity is based on how many people that link to your site. Common sense yeah. If you're popular, people would want to affliate with you, coz you're cool. Try to get a site with a high popularity to link to you. This will make your site even cooler. No seriously. It's good for you. My suggestion is to get into link exchange programs. One good program is linkmetro. Register there, and go all crazy for one month or two. Or just spam all your close friends and force them to link you.

There's more but i think my cat is trying to shit on the bed, so.. later.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Web traffic : See it the Sims way

Do you have a website? If so, how often did you check your web traffic statistic? Lookin at that boring shitty graphs. What's the most impossible thing that can happen to web statistic report? I'll tell you what. It's when you can see your traffic in a virtual reality world. 3D. Where you can see google coming to your site is represented as people coming to your city, in a bus or something. Nahh. no way web trafic report can be that exciting. But HOLYSHIT, there actually is. Lo and behold

Save 10% on the leading web analytics, visitor tracking, and live help program!

Basically, it's a software where you can view your statistic and web traffic report just like in the Sims. It's so damn awesome. you wanna know what's more awesome than that? If you sign up and buy that software through that banner that i put up there and using this coupon code:(see below) You will get 10 percent off the price!! How awesome is that? Is there anything more awesome than this ? Hell yeah!! ME.

Anyway, before i forget, here's the coupon code: tarzan

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Domain names

I just bought a bulk of domain names three days ago. Like 100 of them. Don't ask me why. The company was nice enough to provide me with a control panel to manage those domains. And today, when i logged into the control panel, i saw something weird. Most of the domains were redirected to some other(unknown- and not mine!) sites; mostly web hosting and web domains site, or something related to my domain name. Nobody else has access to the control panel besides me. Who changes those information then? It must have been tarzan! And i wonder if it's ethical for that domain company to just redirect the domain that i bought to some random (or maybe not?) websites. I found this great article on tips for buying domain names.

You should think about registering a domain name before you actually do it. Many people come up with a catchy name, or feel the need to lock in their name, and rush out to buy a domain name. But there are several things to consider in your domain name. After all, your domain name is an extension of your business and your image—don't you want to project the right one?

These ten tips will help you to pick just the right domain name for you and/or your business.

1. The extension you select makes a statement to user about where you are and who you are aiming to attract. For example, tells people you are operating out of the United Kingdom, and .ca tells them you are operating out of Canada. If that is important to you, then register accordingly. If you would rather give them impression of being a global company, or based in the US, then pick a .com name.

2. Use a reputable registration service. Unfortunately, some domain registration services are little more than a scam. They are only middlemen. You tell them the domain name you want, and they register it, for a fee higher than you would pay! In the worst case, they actually register the domain name using their information, so it becomes very difficult for you to do anything with your domain name. Do some background research into the company before you register a domain with them.

3. Use keywords in your domain name. These will sometimes help search engines in ranking your website. For example, if you sell gourmet dog treats online and from your own store, but your business name is "Laura's Homemade Snacks," you might consider two domain names: one for your business name, and one for keywords. In this case you might select "" as your domain name to represent to the search engines and searchers what you are about.

4. Short names are easier to spell correctly. What's easier to remember and type in:, or

5. Avoid trademarks from other companies. Companies have been known to sue website owners for copyright and trademark infringement, so be very careful if you try to play off an existing business. Make sure that you register a domain name in good faith, and think about the possibilities and connections that might exist between you and another business.

6. Avoid hyphens. Sometimes you must use hyphens because the straightforward name is gone. In that case, a better idea is to come up with a completely different name. The problem with hyphens is that users may end up visiting the wrong site. If you try to register but it is already taken, you might choose to register instead. But you run the risk of someone trying to find you typing in the first address. This means you lose business. Better to try and register a name like instead.

7. Consider buying several different extensions so no one else can infringe on your success by registering a similar name. For example, if you register, you might also take .net and .org (with the same name), since these are the most popular extensions after .com. That way, no one can register and try to piggyback of your success.

8. Look for companies that offer telephone support. If you have trouble with your domain name, you need to be able to contact the company and talk to someone. If there is no phone contact, that may be a sign that you are not dealing with a reputable company.

9. Look for accreditations (i.e., ICANN). Reputable companies will seek out accreditations because they know it boosts their business image to be part of a group that enforces good business ethics and practices. Failure to have an accreditation does not necessarily mean the company is bad, but it could mean that. If the company you are looking at does not have an accreditation, make sure you check for other things like phone support, payment procedures, etc.

10. After you find a company you like, do a search on Google for "domain registration." Does your company of choice appear in the first couple of pages of results, or just via Adwords? If the latter, they may not have been around for a long time and may not be reputable. A legitimate company with a solid track record will be ranked in Google's search engine, especially within the first couple of pages. Beware of registration companies that you can only find in Adwords.

These ten tips will help you as you seek to register your domain name.

Adrian Lawrence is the webmaster for Discount Domains, one of the UK's leading Domain Name Registration Companies.

Please feel free to republish this article provided this resource box remains intact together with a working hyperlink.

Article Source:

I took an extra time to BOLD out the important points. I'm not sure why it isn't bolded in the original article. Like, CMON PEOPLE, NOBODY want to read that long shit if they can't scan through the important point first. To be honest, i don't quite agree with his last tip. But, whatever.

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3 Rules of Human Nature for Effective Marketing

Interesting article in my inbox today

3 Rules of Human Nature for Effective Marketing

By Charlie Cook, In Mind Communications, LLC.

You could be generating 50% to 100% more sales with your marketing. How? By working with basic human nature to convert more of your prospects to customers. Marketing For Success author Charlie Cook shares three vital rules of human nature you need to remember for successful marketing.

First Rule Of Human Nature:
People are attracted by solutions to their problems
Your prospects want to know what your product or service will do for them. They want to know if it will help them solve a particular problem.

Your marketing should lead with the product benefit and then go on to explain more about how your products or services help them and you�ll capture their interest. Lead with pricing, obscure product names or too much technical detail and you'll lose your prospects. Their overriding concern is how your products or services will help them.

The Second Rule Of Human Nature:
People forget. Think about your own purchasing behavior. What do you do when you�re looking for a new computer, a new lawyer, a new investment, or a new graphic designer? You may have seen an ad that attracted you or visited a web site that looked helpful, but can you remember where?

Most people take some time to make their decision, often weeks or even months. Even if they've read your marketing materials and even if you've got the perfect product or service for them, your prospects are most likely going to forget you exist.

80% of potential new business is lost because small business owners don't have a marketing strategy for following up with prospects. Each time your prospects hear or read about anothersimilar service or product your information gets pushed further down into the recesses of their brain. Eventually it just gets forgotten and you've lost the sale unless you have a strategy that helps them remember your products and services.

Third Rule of Human Nature:
People want to be confident they are making the right decision Whether you're buying a new car, a new computer or legal or financial services, you want to know that when you make your purchase you'll be satisfied with the products or services you buy. Your prospects are the same. So how do you help them trust you and your products and services?

Give them proof! Prospects want to know if your products or services worked for others and if they'll work for them. When you use referrals, testimonials and 'test drives' you provide proof that helps them feel confident in making their purchase.

Common Sense Small Business Marketing
It's common sense to base your marketing on these three rules of human nature. If you want to increase your sales, you need to give people the information they want and need to buy from you.

2006 � In Mind Communications, LLC. All rights reserved.
By Charlie Cook,

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i dont understand certain girls who don't get it when i joke something like "hey you, i'm more awesome than you", they take it personally. Worse, some even get offended when i said something like "yo dude, you know what, i'm so damn cool". what the fuck? i bet i'm worse than a loser when somebody starts to get offended when i claim otherwise. i wonder how many of em going to get a heart attack seeing this




New Technology

It's a wonder how adsense works. Its feature where it scans words on your pages and display relevent keywords of ads are truly brilliant. It's all automated. Soon, most of our daily tasks are going to be automated. This is what technology is all about. To make our life easier.

Blogger, is another clever invention. I used to think that there's not going to be another new invention during my time. Everything that needs to be invented is already there, at least in the movies. But it seems that the most productive tech scene is coming from the software/web applications area.

On an unrelated note, it would be really awesome to see if can add the "categories" feature on its blogs. It's easier to organize rants.Personally, I would't want my post on how much i hate the kid next door to be on the same page with my post about world peace. That's stupid, in some sense. Now, Tarzan, if you are reading this, PLEASE add the "Categories" feature to

Thank you Tarzan, i love you too.

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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Blogger's creator

who's behind blogger? I know. It's either a caveman, a semideveloped primate or a tarzan. Proof? Scroll down this page and you'll see the button at the bottom saying, "I power Blogger". What teh fuck that suppose to mean? Does it means, I as in me, whose writing this post right now, empowers blogger. HOLY SHIT, i am that awesome and i dont even know it. But i bet, that's not what it meant. Imagine a tarzan saying that, " I power blogger, Me Tarzan, You jane". Now... that makes so much more sense.


ajax chat

currently our webchat is using activex control which brings some security concerns for most people and and compatibility concern for most gecko-based browser users. so, i did scout around looking for other possible solution. and of course, stumble upon the hip and the star of contemporary web application programming language - AJAX : Truly 2.0, as some people would put it.

Upon further thinkin i dont think ajax would be a very good solution for a webchat service. Just imagine this very simple situation. Nowadays chat, people want smilies, emoticons or whatever u wanna call it. That's the reason web based chat is preffered over the shitty irc chat. So imagine, theres 200 people chatting in the chatroom. and then, he chat out 1 smilies, which is of course will be a picture file. The server then, will have to send that 1 smilies to all 200 people in that chatroom. Now, imagine , all of those 200 people, chatting , using smilies here and there, the server will then have to send about 200 X 200 pictures files to all of the users, and of course, usually there's always one or two assholes who'll be flooding the chatroom with millions of smilies. And now, imagine all of this happens in a very short time span, sayyy, 1 minute. just imagine how much load that the server would have to take ? yes. you are right. a shitload.


"Hello world!"

not my first blog. i've deleted previous blogs numerous time and for sure the same fate will befallen on this same blog. Tried to choose the lesser gay template from blogger default template but couldnt seem to find any that surpass my extremly high manly treshhold, so i settled down with this template which in my opinion is 40% gay which is quite alright since most of people nowadays are born to be 99.9% gay. So, im quite manly compared to everybody else a.t.m.

Anyhoo, i started to revive and old project, a chat network which died 2 years ago. This time around i'll be using an sql database instead of flat database. Reason? Nada. Just wanna try something new. I'll announce as soon as it's online!

p/s: prroofread? what's that?

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